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“There is thus no better way of cracking the prestigious Civil Services Exam than Learning Actively from the GURUS themselves!”

Peak Performers UPSC Tutorials is a brilliant academic initiative founded and spearheaded by Bhupender K Bhardwaj IRTS officer, UPSC Topper (CSE 2013 Batch) and Pooja A Mishra (B.Sc.IT, UPSC 2×Mains; GS and Essay High Achiever).

The most unique feature of Peak Performers UPSC Tutorials is that it is the only establishment of its kind being run on a full time basis by a Civil Servant and UPSC topper selected in the present decade.

Bhupender K Bhardwaj has served as an IRTS officer across the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh having handled complex train operations and commercial functions on a large scale. Pooja A Mishra with an excellent academic record has cleared UPSC CS Prelims twice and has scored excellent marks in General Studies and Essay Papers at par with the toppers in the Main Exams.

Their passion for teaching and thereby make life easier for UPSC/IAS aspirants has been the foundational vision for Peak Performers.